Responsible Consumption Chain

We are experiencing a period when the continuing evolution of consumption has created fatal problems for humanity: plastic clogging of the planet, growing inequality, accompanied by erosion of product quality in pursuit of lower costs, increased competition among workers, leading to deterioration of working conditions, including life and health safety. This causes a desire for change, the traditional dissatisfaction with the authorities and top managers, leaving the country at least for work. Who does not leave, patiently or hopelessly wait for a brighter future. Years go by, but it does not come. Will it come if you just want to wait and wait without doing anything?

Brittany Jackson: Man eats Earth

Artist Brittany Jackson

The overwhelming majority of plastic clogging is single-use plastic packaging. All known mammals, birds, fish, amphibians suffer from it ... Considering that each animal is interrelated with the rest of wildlife, disposable plastic has become one of the main causes of the mass extinction occurring in our time, the reason for which is generally only one: vital activity of Human Reasonable, rather Human Reckless. At the same time, the number of people who clearly understand that further ignoring the problem of plastic pollution will also kill us is growing up. Attempts to stop using disposable plastic in everyday life generate a certain symbiosis of partial failure and continued use, which reduces the effectiveness of what is being done. Even if the entire population of the Earth makes such attempt, it will not stop manufacturers and retailers, that means we will get just a small delay in the inevitable fatal outcome.

Mark Tipple & Sarah Lee: Alison Teal at Maldives

Alison Teal at Maldives, photographers Mark Tipple and Sarah Lee

The second, not by value, but in consideration factor leading us to death is total climate change. People are dying from it and species of wildlife are extincting, families and budgets are suffering. The main sources of climate change are emissions of carbon dioxide and methane. These emissions are produced mostly by heat and power stations, transport, livestock. So, in order to reverse climate change, we must stop consuming the energy obtained by burning fossil fuels, leave transport with the same energy source, replace animal husbandry with alternative plant production.

Tennessee Wilfire by Brandon Rees

Tennessee Wildfire, photographer Brandon Rees

The chain of manufacturers and leading retailers is constantly working on reducing prices without reducing the attractiveness of the product. This acting has generated a lot of new questionable additives: preservatives, dyes and flavors. The speed of their introduction is so high that the statements about their safety for humans are unproven, and the risk of using them rises sharply. Reducing costs is also achieved by cheaper labor through an increase in staff duties and in the pace of work with constant declining wages and rest time, shrinking of safety protection and training. And the justification for everything is competition, which we ourselves were creating.

Trans Fats, Men's Guide

Trans Fats, Source: https://мужской.гид.укр/

In 1639 Pope Urban VIII issued a bull stating that people of all races are people equal to Europeans and cannot be enslaved. In 1929 women were first officially recognized as persons. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted in 2006. Inclusion has emerged. Step by step, overcoming barbarism, we become a real Earth civilization. Inclusion is the equality of people with disabilities and all the rest, including the ability to work with dignity.

Handicap Accessible Remodeling, Ocala Restoration Roofing & Remodeling

Remodeling for handicap using accessibility, Ocala Restoration Roofing & Remodeling

We are witnessing a vicious circle of chaotic consumption of consumer goods or FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), attached with dyes, perfumes and preservatives which are dangerous for use, in a convenient and attractive cheap or free disposable plastic packaging, which is usually not recycled, and it is not possible to break this circle. The manufacturer, which almost does not make a profit in the conditions of the most severe competition, is not able to change the course, constrained by the fear of subsequent bankruptcy. The merchant pumps the mainstream with each square decimeter of each shelf and is ready to give the read out of them to novelties for an astronomical amount of remuneration, provided that the short-term cooperation continues only if the novelty during the sales also becomes the mainstream item.

Crystle Lehky, Salt Spring Island, photo Wayne Stadler

Zero-waste shop interior, Crystle Lehky, Salt Spring Island, photo by Wayne Stadler

How is it possible to change something in this carousel? Only rejection of purchases in it. We must create an alternative chain for the consumption of FMCG and attract buyers to it, starting with the most advanced, responsible for ourselves and future generations. Thus, an Obvious Working Example of Responsible Consumption will arise. As soon as this example and the growing external factors of the effects of chaotic consumption attract the attention of 20% of all buyers, there will be a turning point towards responsible consumption. All retail chains will begin to roll and unfold on a new course, set by us. And what we do there will be no need anymore. This will happen in two to three years at a minimum, five to six years at most. But this will not stop our enterprise. We will advance in the course of solving new problems, remaining faithful to our main customers - Responsible Consumers of the Future.


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